Getting Comfortable with the Kleshas

A few weeks ago, I briefly mentioned a concept of yoga philosophy called Kleshas. Patanjali tells us there are five main causes of human suffering, and these are the five Kleshas. Each of us has at least one (and maybe more) of these Kleshas that cause us to get “stuck” when the trials of life rear their ugly heads. In knowing and recognizing these Kleshas, we can begin to identify our sources of self-inflicted suffering, and therefore overcome them.

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Handstand Part Deux!

Handstands are the focus of the blog again this week. Last week, I gave you some of the warm-ups, drills, and tips that have helped me most in becoming better and more consistent with my handstands. This week, I’d like to talk some more about actually getting up into your handstand. There are basically two main methods: kicking up or pressing. There are myriad ways to approach either method, so let’s break some of those ways down.

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Beginning a Yoga Practice (Part 1): The Language of Yoga

Welcome to the first post in a new series about beginning a yoga practice. Friends and family who are thinking about beginning a yoga practice have asked me for tips on beginning a yoga practice ever since I decided to do yoga teacher training. Wondering how to get started? Then read on!

In this first post, I plan to go over some of the vocabulary you might hear when looking into getting started with yoga. I’ll also have a few pointers on the poses I address in this post. I’ll have even more poses for the beginning yogi next week, so be sure to subscribe and check back for more! Continue reading “Beginning a Yoga Practice (Part 1): The Language of Yoga”