Yoga Teacher Training Day 13: It’s All About Arm Balance

Side crow arm balance
Welcome back to my series on yoga teacher training! We had a three-day weekend this time, beginning on Friday night with an arm balance workshop. It was a field-trip kind of weekend. We spent Friday evening at the Inner Life Yoga Studio doing an arm balance workshop with Iyengar instructor Siegfried Bleher. I’m looking forward to giving you all a peek into the things we learned, so let’s get to it!

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Handstand Part Deux!

Handstands are the focus of the blog again this week. Last week, I gave you some of the warm-ups, drills, and tips that have helped me most in becoming better and more consistent with my handstands. This week, I’d like to talk some more about actually getting up into your handstand. There are basically two main methods: kicking up or pressing. There are myriad ways to approach either method, so let’s break some of those ways down.

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Yoga Teacher Training Day 5: Balanced Warrior

We’re back! Sorry for the hiatus last week, but with the holiday, travel, YTT homework, and my job, it got away from me. But we’re here and back on track this week, so let’s dive in!

The last day of our three-day training weekend for the month of May focused on a deeper look at our warrior poses and balance poses. We also had a little talk about the koshas thrown in for fun. If you missed my previous two entries for this weekend, they can be found here and here. As I said in my last post, this post will probably have a┬ámore focused inward than some of my previous entries. You won’t get all of the nitty-gritty details, but a it’s more personal look at my training.

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