An Experiment with Ayurvedic Principles

An Experiment with Ayurvedic Principles

Hello, dear readers! I hope you’re all having a good week. As you may remember, last week I posted about our session with Molly Culleton, an Ayurvedic Health Specialist. That session continues to resonate with me, and as a result, I decided to apply some of what she taught us to my everyday life. I’ve spent the last two weeks integrating some of the Ayurvedic principles we learned into my routine, and I’d like to share about my experience with you. Read on to see how this experiment has played out so far!

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Getting Comfortable with the Kleshas

A few weeks ago, I briefly mentioned a concept of yoga philosophy called Kleshas. Patanjali tells us there are five main causes of human suffering, and these are the five Kleshas. Each of us has at least one (and maybe more) of these Kleshas that cause us to get “stuck” when the trials of life rear their ugly heads. In knowing and recognizing these Kleshas, we can begin to identify our sources of self-inflicted suffering, and therefore overcome them.

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Taking Yoga Off the Mat

Yoga mat

When I say the word “yoga”, I’m sure most people automatically think of exercise. For most of the people in Western society, yoga is a way to get fit. It conjures up images of people twisted into complicated poses. However, the physical practice of yoga is only one of the traditional Eight Limbs. It’s just the tip of the iceberg as it were. A regular yoga practice can bring about more than just physical changes. Yoga often brings about mental and emotional changes as well. As time goes on, I’m learning to carry these changes with me throughout my day, not just the time I spend on the mat.

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