Meditation: Campfire of the Soul

This past week has been super hectic for me for some reason. My in-laws came to visit over the weekend, and my husband and I have been busy preparing for their arrival. My father-in-law is allergic to dogs, and we have two, one of which sheds a great deal. So we busily ran the vacuum cleaner over every surface in our house and doing our best to keep the hair at a minimum to keep him as comfortable as possible. We ended up having a lovely visit, and it was nice to have time to spend with family just relaxing and catching up.

My time has been limited, though, so I have been struggling to put together a blog post for this week. Our upcoming YTT weekend will be partially focusing on meditation. For our homework, we had to write a five minute guided meditation. I decided to share the meditation I wrote for this homework with all of you. I hope you find it enjoyable, both to read and to practice.

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