Handstand Part Deux!

Handstands are the focus of the blog again this week. Last week, I gave you some of the warm-ups, drills, and tips that have helped me most in becoming better and more consistent with my handstands. This week, I’d like to talk some more about actually getting up into your handstand. There are basically two main methods: kicking up or pressing. There are myriad ways to approach either method, so let’s break some of those ways down.

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Let’s Handstand: Drills and Tips for Better Handstands

Handstand core exercise

Last week I mentioned that I am FINALLY able to do my handstand after working on it for literally most of my life. I also mentioned that it has really only been in the last several months that I’ve made any progress. It’s  honestly all down to the amazing tips I’ve picked up here and there from some other amazing teachers. I thought I’d do a few posts consolidating the tips and drills that worked for me in order to help out those who are still working towards this challenging pose. If handstand is your goal, read on and start incorporating these tips into your practice to build a solid foundation for your handstand. Let’s get to it!

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